Orient Technology Co., Ltd.

Orient Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tian’an Cyber Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Orient belongs to the manufacturer of optoelectronic sub-devices, display devices and components, as well as other electronic devices not listed. Orient is a high-tech enterprise integrating new materials, new technologies, new businesses and new industries.

Orient was listed in the national share transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises ( i.e. the new third board ) on February 16, 2015, with the short title "Orient" and the security code "832016".

  • 1998year

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  • 17year

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  • 2015year

    Listed on New Third Board

  • 832016

    Security Code

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    1. In 2018

      the optocoupler for smart meters by Orient was certified by the State Grid again.

    1. February

      Jiangmen R&D Manufacturing Center was invested, completed and put into use.

    2. October

      Orient successfully developed many types of new optocouplers and began to expand production;

    1. February

      Orient landed on the new 3rd board with the security code 832016;

    2. August

      the optocoupler for smart meters developed by Orient was certified by the State Grid;

    1. June

      Orient successfully developed and mass produced many types of LED epi wafers;

    1. October

      Orient put LED epi wafer project into production;

    1. March

      Orient passed VDE certification;

    2. April

      Jiangmen Orient Opto Electronic Co., Ltd. was established;

    1. March

      Orient passed CQC certification;

    2. March

      Orient passed UL certification;

    3. March

      Orient won the title of national high-tech enterprise;

    1. May

      Shenzhen Orient Components Co., Ltd. was established;

    2. April

      Orient first started the production of optocouplers in China;

    3. October

      Orient passed CE certification;

    1. May

      Orient obtained the utility model patent certificate (LED display);

    2. December

      Orient began to produce pure blue and pure green chips;

    3. December

      Shenzhen Orient Technology Co., Ltd. was established;

    4. December

      PD production line was began to put into operation;

    1. November

      Orient first developed and produced the super bright red chip SR in China;

    2. May

      Orient first developed 850 nm chip in China;

    1. In 2003

      Orient obtained the high-tech identification certificate;

    2. In 2003

      Orient began to produce infrared transmitting tubes and infrared receiving heads;

    1. February

      Orient developed and produced LED's binary and ternary chips;

    2. May

      Orient first developed quad chip in China;

    3. November

      Orient developed 940nm chip;

    1. September

      Shenzhen Orient Opto Electronic Co., Ltd. was established;

    1. In 1999

      Orient passed ISO 9001: 2000 quality system certification;

    1. June

      Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. was established;