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Talent strategy: training personnel is our responsibility! protection of personnel is our responsibility! return of talent is our responsibility! join the Orient - excellent extension from here!

1. Putting People First:
1) to provide staff with a good living environment, care for our staff in their daily lives, caring staff, within its capacity to help people solve practical problems.
2) At work, equal treatment of every employee received equal treatment, the feeling of people will be respected, talent will gather.
3) fair and transparent selection of personnel, to encourage outstanding talent.
4) create appropriate conditions for staff to play talent.
5) provide staff development, the establishment of the incentive mechanism, fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff.

2. concentrate on professional focus:
Concentrate on: Each staff should concentrate on doing their own work, do not play fast and loose, not subject to outside interference;
Professional: each team are engaged in the collective work in the field, to have a very high level of technology and rich experience;
Focus: The company should focus on their core business, can not play fast and loose, only the immediate, regardless of the future.

3. others can not we have to do, others do it for us to be better.

4. business success: 5% is determined by the strategy, 95% is determined by the execution.

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